Devonian amber ale by Riviera Brewing
RCB Best ale by Riviera Brewing
Riviera Gold by Riviera Brewing
Torbay Express by Riviera Brewing
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We brew Gold, Best and Torbay Express on a rotation basis. We tend to produce more Gold Ale as this is always in demand and popular in the pubs. The Torbay Express is mainly brewed for festivals. Devonian is a new ale for 2017 and will be available via all our usual outlets throughout the year.

  • Devonian Ale by Riviera Brewing Company
    ABV 4.1%
    Amber colour ale, easy drinking with subtle bitterness from First Gold and Target hops with aroma from Styrian Goldings and Cascade providing a floral citrus finish.
  • RBC Best Ale by Riviera Brewing Company
    ABV 3.8%
    Session copper colour ale, lightly hopped. Brewed with crystal and dark malts to give a caramel and nutty taste. Hopped with Northern Brewer for bittering and Styrian Goldings for a fruity finish.
  • Riviera Gold pale ale by Riviera Brewing Company
    Riviera Gold
    ABV 4.2%
    A deep golden Pale Ale with subtle bitterness from First Gold hops plus Styrian Goldings with citrus fruit flavours from Cascade and Chinook hops giving way to a mouth lingering hoppyness.
  • Torbay Express by Riviera Brewing Company
    Torbay Express
    ABV 4.8%
    A copper coloured Premium London Ale hopped with Target and Bramling Cross for a fruity spicy bitterness with Cascade for a light citrus aroma. Named after the famous London – Kingswear express train.

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