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Our Porter and Stout is brewed depending on demand normally early or late in the year. The Peak Pale Ale and Riviera Pale are brewed mainly for festivals.

  • Porter Head Ale by Riviera Brewing Company
    Porter Head
    ABV 4.3%
    Dark Ruby Ale brewed with chocolate and crystal malts for a full malty flavour with a light hoppy finish.
  • Drunken Porter Ale by Riviera Brewing Company
    Drunken Porter
    ABV 4.3%
    A small variation of the Porterhead, a malty dark ale with a good subtle bitterness from Target and First Gold hops with a fruity finish.
  • Riviera Stout by Riviera Brewing Company
    Riviera Stout
    ABV 4.4%
    Roasted barley, chocolate and crystal malt combinations give this Old English Stout a full malt character, bitter-sweet on the palate with a light hop finish.
  • Peak Pale Ale by Riviera Brewing Company
    Peak Pale Ale
    ABV 4.5%
    Triple hopped smooth Burton style premium Pale Ale with nutty and floral undertones, brewed to celebrate the Paignton – Bradford rail service of the 1970s.
  • Riviera Pale Ale by Riviera Brewing Company
    Riviera Pale Ale
    ABV 5.2%
    A strong golden ale packed with hops and un-fined for a cloudy look giving this ale a modern American style.

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